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Today’s industry recognizes that sustainable environmental practices like waste minimization, energy conservation, and the protection of water resources are all part of an efficient, cost-effective production operation. Waste recycling, water reclamation and reuse, and the use of renewable energy sources are quickly becoming the standard in most industries to both reduce the environmental impact of their facilities and to improve their own bottom line. Stricter discharge limits and increasing energy costs are forcing many to look for new solutions to old problems.

To that end, GW&E offers state-of-the-art technologies to assist industries in their efforts to grow while reducing the costs of doing business. From some of the world’s leading anaerobic wastewater treatment and organic waste-to-energy processes, to a variety of top-of-the-line aerobic technologies, including membrane bioreactors and biological nutrient removal systems, GW&E has one of the most extensive portfolios of technology for industrial wastewater management and renewable energy generation/utilization.

GW&E provides reliable, proven technology. With hundreds of existing installations, we have the knowledge and experience to make every project a success. Our team of experts includes some of the pioneers of modern industrial wastewater treatment technology, allowing GW&E to provide custom, individual solutions that best suit our clients’ needs.

From clean water to renewable energy, GW&E is the new source for environmentally sound solutions for the industrial marketplace. We are committed to contributing to our clients’ success and we are fully committed to a sustainable tomorrow.

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